Juliana's Vedic Astrology Services

Juliana is available for astrological consultations (readings), Vedic astrology tutoring sessions, and Sacred Breath healing sessions via Zoom, by appointment only, seven days a week, and paid in advance at the time of scheduling. Requests for services along with advance payments may be made via Juliana’s website, or by emailing info@astralharmony.com. You will receive a response within 48 hours. If you prefer to pay by check, Venmo, credit card, or a payment plan, you may arrange this with Juliana via email.

As we set up your appointment, you will receive a consultation form via email. This form includes questions, concerns, and other relevant information that you will be asked to provide in detail. You will also receive two articles to read and a Zoom Meeting invitation via email. During the Zoom session, it is best if you use a headset for better sound quality, and so that you can relax your arms and neck.

Specific Services

Astral Tune-up: This two-hour Zoom session includes a personalized natal and progressed Vedic astrology reading focused on your specific issues, questions, and concerns. Before the session, you will be asked to complete an extensive consultation form, and afterward you may email further questions as needed. In addition, Juliana performs sublime energy healing work as an integral part of the Astral Tune-up session. This is done remotely and beforehand in her preparation process, and during the session, as well. In the session, Juliana will offer intuitive insights into your life purpose and optimal future course of action, including a strong emphasis on remedial suggestions.

Update Reading for Existing Clients: This two-hour interactive Zoom session is discounted as a way of showing appreciation to Juliana’s loyal clients who order a session at least once every twelve months. This is an updated annual, quarterly, or semi-annual natal and progressed reading that delves deep to offer further insights into your natal horoscope, assess the progress that you are making, and explore all the changes that are happening for you, both internally and externally. In this session, Juliana offers the same impeccable service that she gives in the Astral Tune-up.

Urgent Reading: If your needs are more urgent, you may order this two-hour interactive Zoom session. Once you place your order, your session will be scheduled within a 72-hour time frame. Each appointment includes a comprehensive reading, covering all aspects of your life, as well as any pressing matters you wish to discuss, with the focus on your most pressing concerns.

Auspicious Date Selection: This process involves analysis of your birth and progressed horoscopes along with the application of classic elective astrology techniques in Vedic astrology, known as Muhurta. This service includes interactive email correspondence and a written (email) report. Choosing an astrologically favorable moment can alleviate future difficulties and enhance the success and well-being of all concerned. Use this service to choose the best time and date to initiate any new and important endeavor, including important religious rituals; ceremonies; commencing travel; having a surgical or medical procedure; signing a lease or contract; buying real estate or personal property; moving into a new home; conceiving a child; incorporating a business; and beginning litigation. You learn more about Muhurta on my Auspicious Date Selection page.

Sacred Breath Session: Sacred Breath Work, also known as “Rebirthing” or “Conscious Connected Breathing” is a safe, powerful and gentle breathing technique that is typically relaxing, balancing and energizing all at the same time. By harmonizing and elevating the life force, this practice enhances physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Ultimately, Breath Work can guide us to our true divine potential and highest soul purpose. This is a Zoom session with video which lasts about one and a half hours and consists of breathing, guided meditation and therapeutic dialogue. Please email or call Juliana if you would like to discuss or need more information.

Vedic Astrology Tutoring Sessions: Juliana is available for individualized Vedic astrology tutoring sessions. Sessions will last two hours and are tailored to your interests and needs.

Order Sessions & Services

Appointments and Pricing

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, Juliana requires at least 24 hours advance notification, though there may be exceptions to this policy, such as in cases of emergency. In addition, refunds are not provided unless there are unique circumstances. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, or if you are a “no show,” Juliana will not be able to reschedule another interactive session, but will instead record the reading and send it to you, and you will be able to email Juliana your questions afterward.

Juliana will record your Zoom session, and afterward will email you two digital recordings of the session (an audio recording, and an audio-visual recording showing your astrological charts).